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A DUI arrest can be a frightening experience.  A DUI conviction, however, can change your life forever.  You may face significant jail time, severe fines, the loss of your driving privileges, and even the suspension of professional licenses.  

You need an attorney to fight for your rights and protect your future.  If you or a loved one have been arrested for DUI, contact the attorneys at The Coates Law Office right away.  

You need to do what it takes to get a qualified, dedicated defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible and for as long as it takes to get the best outcome attainable in your case.  

At The Coates Law Office, we understand the devastating impact a DUI charge can have on your life. We will do everything in our power to get the charges against you reduced or even dismissed so that you can move forward with your life.

Give us a call today so that we may begin building a defense on your behalf. We offer free case evaluations for your initial consultation.

How Can Our Attorneys Help?

  • We will take the time to make sure you understand your rights and what might be at stake in your case. 
  • Our attorneys have significant experience helping people being charged with DUI.
  • We understand how to attack the prosecution’s case to protect your rights.

If you choose us to represent you, we will begin working on your case immediately.  Our first steps may include:

  • Examining the evidence that law enforcement has collected against you. 
  • Reviewing field sobriety tests, lab results, video footage, and eyewitness testimony. 
  • Scrutinizing the process that law enforcement used to determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) you are accused of driving with.  

When you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there are two incredibly important:

Preservation of driving privileges 

The most immediate concern that most people have after a DUI is “will I lose my license?”. In some cases, you may lose your driving privileges temporarily (through suspension) or permanently (through revocation) depending on the details of your situation. 

This is why it is critical to speak with an attorney right away. An attorney can get to work on your case immediately, explore all options, and do whatever they can to protect your driving privileges.  This is even more important when you rely on driving to earn income or have to commute for work. 

 Avoiding a criminal record 

The most important aspect of DUI defense is avoiding a criminal record. A criminal record can impact your life in ways that many people may not understand at the outset.  It can affect your employment status, career development, housing situation and family life. In fact, a criminal record will likely have a more significant impact on your life in the long term than a loss of driving privileges. 

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If you are facing criminal charges in New Hampshire, you need experienced legal representation as soon as possible. If you choose to work with us, we will evaluate your situation and immediately get to work protecting your liberty.

Why The Coates Law Office?

When you are facing criminal charges, the law firm you choose to represent you can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. At Coates Law Office, criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors, so we understand the ins and outs of the team we are up against and will use that knowledge to our advantage when defending you.  In every case we take:

Brad is a New Hampshire native and is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He has been handling criminal cases since was in law school. With permission from the Court, he tried his first case to a jury before taking the bar exam. Brad spent the first six years of his career as a DUI prosecutor in New Hampshire.

Brad is a Nationally Certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He has a comprehensive understanding of all areas of New Hampshire’s complex DUI laws. Brad has trained police officers on breath tests, blood tests, and field sobriety tests and uses this to your advantage. Brad takes each and every DUI case seriously because he understands that even a first offense can have a major impact on your life. He will educate you on the process, the potential outcomes, and the best way to beat your DUI case.

Whether you have been arrested for a DUI, drug possession, assault, domestic violence, or traffic violations, Brad’s number one priority is to avoid a conviction and mitigate the potential penalties.

What our clients say

Hands down, the best lawyer around
Hands down, the best lawyer around, met and exceeded my expectations by far. Highly recommended. He turned what could have been a bad outcome for me, into an exceptionally good outcome.

Dana T.

I HIGHLY recommend Brad
I was referred to Brad by a family friend and I cannot be more thankful! Brad returned my call the same day, met with us within a few days, went over the situation at hand in detail, advised us on our options, the process, potential outcomes and took on the case! Brad and his staff were very responsive to calls/emails. Brad was able to obtain an outcome that I am very pleased with. What I appreciated most about Brad is that he is very down to earth and easy to speak to. Brad is STELLAR–5 stars is not enough–I wish I could give him a 10 star rating! I HIGHLY recommend Brad. My family will certainly be part of the Coates Law Office “family” going forward!!!!

MaryRose DM.

When you find yourself in Question of assistance, turn to the Coates Law Office, they will show you the way.
I found myself between a rock and a hard place, please let me explain we all my find ourselves in a matter that we have no understanding of, if and when you do find yourself in that place don’t panic. I found myself in need of legal assistance, and was able to find someone to assist me.
The service provider to me relived of the pressure of wondering in the Dark not knowing what steps to take. I turned to Coates Law Office This team was able to give me the guidance that I needed, they made sure that my Legal assistance was Swift and in order. When you find yourself in Question of assistance, turn to the Coates Law Office, they will show you the way.

Anthony C.

Brad was a pleasure to work with!!
Brad was a pleasure to work with!! He answered all our questions in a timely manner and helped with our stress level.

Kimberyly P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just Work with a Public Defender?

In criminal cases, you have the option of choosing a public defender to represent you. While there are many good public defenders in New Hampshire, the reality is they often have a heavy caseload. For this reason, they are generally not able to devote the time and attention to each and every case they have, whereas a private attorney can. Private attorneys can limit the number of cases they take, and this allows them to be fully invested in each and every client they represent.

When Should I Call an Attorney?

Being charged with a crime is a legal emergency.  It is in your best interests to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

How Much Do We Charge?

While criminal defense attorneys typically charge a flat fee for their services, the lowest rate does not necessarily translate to a lower overall cost.  An experienced attorney may charge a higher flat fee, but be able to resolve your case quicker and more efficiently than a less experienced, lower cost attorney.  For this reason, we recommend you call and speak with our attorneys so that we can understand the factors surrounding your case and let you know how we can help.