“Brad and his team were ultra responsive throughout the whole process. During our first meeting Brad looked over my injury case and made the determination that it would be in my best interest to go forward because I had a case. Once all of my physical therapy was completed and all the rest of the medical expenses I had incurred were compiled Brad and his team contacted the other driver insurance company. Unfortunately, Brad contacted the other attorney right as we were shutting down for COVID19 lockdown in March of 2020 so this delayed the case somewhat but, Brad and his team were reaching out to me at least once a month just to touch base even if nothing had really changed with my status during this time. During the negotiation phase of the case he was very upfront about what to expect from the other side and what his strategy was going to be depending their replies. After a couple of months of back and forth negotiations we decided to file suit in court because the insurance adjuster would not come up with a suitable offer. Once the suit was filed we were put in touch with the legal department and after a very short amount of back and forth we finally got a reasonable offer from them. Brad and I discussed the pros and cons of taking the settlement. Ultimately I decided it was in my best interest to take the offer and forgo a trial. Brad was one hundred percent behind either decision I made and didn’t pressure me to just take the money and run. Overall I had a great experience with the Coates Law Office and Brad Coates.”

Mark B.

“Mr. Coates did an outstanding job with the insurance companies. He kept us informed at all stages of the process. He was GREAT. I would recommend him for any and all types of cases. Thanks Brad!”

Frank S.

“Working with Coates Law Office was a great experience. Brad is very professional, hard working, thorough and gets results. If your in an accident I would highly recommend Coates Law Office.”

Peter G.

“My husband was injured in a truck/car accident that was not his fault. His injuries were very serious and he had to be air lifted to a trauma hospital. I felt it necessary to seek advice from an attorney to protect my husband’s rights.

Shortly after his admission to the hospital, he died from his injuries suffered in the accident. I was devastated, scared and confused. Fortunately I was referred to Attorney Coates. Brad responded very quickly and met with me the day after my husband died. I had so many questions and concerns. Brad was concerned about my welfare and offered to help in any way. He then answered my questions and thoroughly explained each step of the process making sure I understood and was comfortable with it. I felt very confident in his legal knowledge and that he had my best interest as his top priority. He was very professional and had a very positive attitude. I was so relieved that I had someone on my side. Brad was always available to answer any questions I had and kept me informed as the case progressed. He handled inquiries from companies looking for payment and worked directly with the other driver’s insurance company. He did all he could to relieve me of having to deal with anything that added stress at a time when I was grieving. Brad fought hard and successfully reached a settlement that gave me maximum compensation. The treatment and peace of mind I received made a very difficult time easier. I highly recommend Attorney Brad Coates and encourage anyone in need of a personal attorney to hire him.”

Elaine T.

“Coates Law did a great job settling my case. Very helpful and friendly, handled all the details in a professional manner. Excellent communication, highly recommend!”

Sal A.