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Coates Law Office, PLLC, represents victims of car accidents, medical malpractice and other forms of personal injury.

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Coates Law Office, PLLC, was established to provide comprehensive and experienced legal representation to those in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who have suffered any type of injury or condition due to negligence. No one wants—much less deserves—to be injured or debilitated due to someone else’s poor judgment. If you are the victim of an accident or a poor decision that has left you with mounting medical bills and weeks or months of treatment, Coates Law Office, PLLC, can help you focus on what’s most important: recovering.

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A dog bite. A car or motorcycle accident. A slip-and-fall incident. There are many situations that can leave you suddenly injured and wondering how you’re going to pay your medical bills and find the time to recover. When something unexpected happens that causes you to suffer and it was no fault of your own, Coates Law Office, PLLC, can help you file a personal injury claim against the negligent person or entity in question. The firm will lay the groundwork to establish who was at fault and will pursue the best compensation for your injuries.

Likewise, a medical mistake such as a poor decision or a failed device can leave you with a lifetime of pain or issues. Perhaps you went in for what was supposed to be a routine procedure, but now you are worse off than you were before because of someone’s negligence or lack of care. You should not have to suffer not only from the physical effects but also the financial costs to treat your new injury or condition. Coates Law Office, PLLC, will fight for you and legally justify the compensation you deserve. The firm has the experience and resources to help you get your life back on track.

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If you decide to file either a personal injury or medical malpractice claim, you will not pay Coates Law Office, PLLC, anything until they recover the compensation you deserve.

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