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Category: Firm News

Dangerous Conditions That Could Cause Someone To Slip And Fall In Nh
Posted in Firm News on July 25, 2022

Slip and Fall in New Hampshire A slip and fall accident is a preventable one. No accident could happen to anyone were it not for an element of negligence on your part or someone else. Injuries happen when you become reckless or careless in your actions, and sometimes death occurs. Slip and fall accidents are…

Understanding Premises Liability Laws In New Hampshire
Posted in Firm News on July 11, 2022

What is Premises Liability? A premise can be a house or building including other structures on the property occupied by a business. Premises liability is a legal term to describe a personal injury to someone on someone else’s property. This accident can be due to an unsafe or defective condition of the property. Coates Law…

Prescription Drugs And How They Relate To Medical Malpractice
Posted in Firm News on June 20, 2022

Many times patients are given the wrong prescription drugs by medical practitioners. When such cases happen, who is to blame? Let’s look at the¬†medical malpractices¬†that can make you incur injuries and lead to loss of life. What are Dangerous Prescription Drugs? Drugs that are not safe for self-medication, don’t have caution, or are not prescribed…