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Month: December 2021

Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims
Posted in Firm News on December 20, 2021

Over time, more people have realized the significance of a Nashua personal injury attorney, regardless of how minor the NH medical malpractice problem appears to be. Many people are under the impression that only the most complex cases require the guidance of New Hampshire medical malpractice. They’ve come to know, however, that what seems to…

Avoiding Slip And Fall Lawsuits In The Winter Months
Posted in Firm News on December 6, 2021

Slip and fall accidents in winter are made worse by the fact that what we walk on is black. Parking lots, driveways, and crossing a blacktop road is dangerous because the ice is black as well, and that’s if there’s no snow atop the ice. It’s a good idea to know a NH slip and…