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Month: June 2022

Prescription Drugs And How They Relate To Medical Malpractice
Posted in Firm News on June 20, 2022

Many times patients are given the wrong prescription drugs by medical practitioners. When such cases happen, who is to blame? Let’s look at the medical malpractices that can make you incur injuries and lead to loss of life. What are Dangerous Prescription Drugs? Drugs that are not safe for self-medication, don’t have caution, or are not prescribed…

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice In New Hampshire
Posted in Firm News on June 6, 2022

When a cosmetic surgery goes wrong due to medical negligence, please give Coates Law Office a call. We are the leading New Hampshire medical malpractice attorneys at your service. You believe that your doctor’s treatment will help you regain and improve or maintain your current health. Were it not for negligence, accidents or medical malpractice would not…