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Prescription Drugs And How They Relate To Medical Malpractice

Many times patients are given the wrong prescription drugs by medical practitioners. When such cases happen, who is to blame?

Let’s look at the medical malpractices that can make you incur injuries and lead to loss of life.

What are Dangerous Prescription Drugs?

Drugs that are not safe for self-medication, don’t have caution, or are not prescribed by a health practitioner are called dangerous prescription drugs.

We have three main dangerous prescription drugs. These are;


If you search your house, you will get some painkillers somewhere. They are also known as prescription opioids. They are the top killer drugs today, especially in the US. People known for misusing painkillers are people above 14 years and youths.

The problem with painkillers is that they are addictive. It takes only four weeks for a person to get used to them and can strongly do without painkillers. If misused, they can bring about breathing complications, just to name a few.


Just like their name, they are known to depress brain activities and also the nervous system. When taken in excess, a person can become addicted. They pose a risk to your heart if taken alongside other drugs.

Prescription Stimulants

These are prescribed for some behavior disorders like sleep. Thus, they are likely to keep a person unsleepy, alert, and very active. When stimulants are abused, they can cause loads of health damage like stroke.

Prescription Drugs and How They Relate to Medical Malpractice

People take drugs temporarily or long-term to cure a disease. The responsibility of administering the drugs relies on the health practitioners. However, giving the wrong dosage or prescription can lead to severe damage. When that happens, you can lookout for a personal injury attorney in Nashua, to help you file a case.

Let’s understand more about medical malpractices:

What Is A Prescription Drug Error?

They are many, and the most reported are:

  • Mistakenly giving the patient the incorrect medication
  • Giving the improper medication dosage (too much or little)
  • Not putting labels on the medication
  • Failure to warn the patient if there are possible allergic reactions
  • Not warning (informing) the patients about the side effects

Who is Responsible for Prescription Drug Errors?

Everybody in the line of health practitioners. Prescription drug errors can be made by anybody, not limited to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. When clients file for prescription errors in the Coates Law Office, they are allocated to the medical malpractice attorney Merrimack to argue their case.

They do research and help the patients understand the following:

1. Who Administered the Wrong Medication and Dosage?

Generally, the nurses and physicians are responsible for giving out the medication and doses. A mistake in writing correctly or missing a comma or a full stop can make the patient overdose or underdose.

Additionally, if the medication lands on the wrong part of the body or is administered incorrectly, it can cause damage. When such happens, a patient must look for NH medical malpractice lawyers to seek advice on which suit to file.

2. Who is Responsible For Mislabeling the Prescription?

Either the manufacturer or the pharmacist can mislabel the prescription. A patient may not know who to sue when such a case happens. Thus, they can take the wrong dosage and suffer the consequences. A New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyer is aware of product liability lawsuits. The lawsuit helps the patient know how much the manufacturer should compensate them if they are responsible for the errors.

If a pharmacist makes an error, then the medical malpractice attorney Merrimack can help the patient file a legitimate medical malpractice case.

3. Who Prescribed Dangerous Medication? (allergies)

Keeping track of your allergies is the responsibility of pharmacists. When pharmacists administer drugs that make you have an allergy, you can press charges.

4. Did They Warn You of Side Effects?

The responsibility of warning about the side effects of medication lies with doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. When you take medicine and suffer severe side effects, you can visit a medical malpractice lawyer in Nashua to give you directions on how to file a case.

How An Attorney Can Help with a Prescription Drug Medical Malpractice

When prescription drug malpractice happens, the first step is to get a medical malpractice attorney Nashua. That is because they will help you walk through the journey to seeking justice.

The attorneys will do research and understand the prescription malpractices that need compensation. They will help you get the proper compensation to help you cover other medical problems that have occurred due to the injuries.