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How You Know You Have a Strong Personal Injury Case

Posted by Bradford Coates | Sep 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

It is rather intimidating to walk into an attorney's office and claim that you have a personal injury case that you would like for a court of law to hear if you are not absolutely certain that this is the case. You might have the strong desire to run to your nearest personal injury attorney Nashua and plead your case, but before you do that, please make sure you know that you truly have a case to bring to them. We want to look now at a few of the signs that it might be time to get a Nashua personal injury attorney involved. 

The Defendant Was Supposed to Protect You 

The assumption is that whomever you are bringing a personal injury lawsuit against rightfully owes you a duty of care to keep you safe from harm. A New Hampshire personal injury attorney can tell you that the strongest case that you can bring against someone is when you can show definitively that they were supposed to be the ones standing up to protect your interests. When that is the case, the court will look more favorably on your claims. A great example of this might be a healthcare worker who works in a nursing home. Obviously, they are obligated to take care of their patients and have a duty of care that is assigned to them when they do this job. 

The Defendant Breached Their Care of Duty 

It is not enough that the defendant was supposed to protect you. You must also show that they failed to do so. It is not easy to show this without the help of a Merrimack personal injury attorney. You are going to need your personal injury lawyer Nashua to dig through mountains of documents to prove beyond a doubt that the defendant's action or lack of actions were what led to your injury. The courts are there to help determine who is correct, so to speak, in these cases, but you need to get your personal injury attorney NH on the case right away to start to build the necessary documentation to make your claims. 

You Received Harm from The Lack of Care 

Just because a defendant was negligent does not necessarily mean that they are in any legal trouble, unless of course, you can prove that you were directly harmed by their lack of care. Showing that you sustained damages as a result of the defendant's lack of care is something that is also best handled by your attorney. At the Coates Law Office, we know that these are tough cases to fight and tough to win, but we seek to do exactly that for every client that comes through our doors. Thus, we want to see the proof of harm, and we want to make that proof abundantly clear to any court in the country. We know that this is truly the only way to break through in the legal system and score some wins for our clients. 

Your Injuries Occurred Within the Statute of Limitations 

There are statutes of limitations on personal injury cases that must be adhered to. Each state sets their own standards in these cases, but many fall in line around the 3-4 year mark. This means that you have 3-4 years following your accident to get your case presented to the court. Keep in mind that it takes a considerable amount of time (often over a year) for a Merrimack personal injury attorney to build a case and collect all the necessary documentation. This must be factored in when considering the length of time required to meet the statute of limitations in a given state. It is imperative that all people act as quickly as humanly possible to protect their rights to file a lawsuit. Thus, you should make sure that any case you consider bringing to a personal injury lawyer Nashua has the legal standing to go forward. 

You Didn't Make Errors That Led to Additional Harm

Finally, one of the most important factors that builds a strong personal injury case is when you can prove that you personally didn't do anything that contributed to additional harm in your case. You were not being negligent yourself when the events unfolded that led to your injury, and you didn't delay receiving medical care or do anything else that could be seen by the court as being reckless or uncaring. If that is all true, then you should be in good shape to bring a personal injury lawsuit. 

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