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Understanding Premises Liability Laws In New Hampshire

What is Premises Liability?

A premise can be a house or building including other structures on the property occupied by a business.

Premises liability is a legal term to describe a personal injury to someone on someone else’s property. This accident can be due to an unsafe or defective condition of the property.

Coates Law Office in Merrimack and Nashua, New Hampshire, can help you settle your case if you are facing an issue about the safety of your premise.

How Can I Make My Premises Safe?

You are responsible for keeping your workplace and property safe for all people — safety approaches outlined in your employee handbook.  To maintain a premise safe could include:

1. Training

A necessary training on:

  • How to handle most types of emergencies
  • Handling all machinery safely
  • Maintenance, repair, and upkeep of all forms of company tools
  • Where and when to utilize warning and danger signs
  • Maintaining the highest standards possible

2. Utilizing Warning Signs

The in areas presenting hazards. The immediate threat of injury or death is not present, but serious injury can happen. The reason that these signs are good tools for any work area is as follows.

  • Keep people safe
  • Directs a promising workflow
  • Communicates safety first

3. Utilizing Danger Signs

Employees must use danger signs in areas with a greater risk for injury. These signs tell others that there is an immediate threat of danger. They need to use particular caution.

4. Safe Entries and Exits

Entry and exit doors need various points of use. This tends to help direct traffic flow and decrease the risk of accidents.

5. Ongoing Safety Protocols and Improvements

It is your responsibility to focus on and improve the safety protocol in your workplace. You must ensure that the premises are in excellent repair, all tools and machinery are operating at the highest quality, keep walkways free from obstacles that can cause a slip and fall accident, etc.

Arrange routine safety inspections — inform your employees of upcoming ones.

Premises Liability Laws in NH

New Hampshire premises laws state that a property owner has a responsibility and duty to all those who enter their property to keep them safe — your company must ensure employees and visitors have the freedom to work in a safe and secure environment.

If you fail to meet this duty, you are liable for any injuries or damages to any person who gets injured. You may also be liable if you fail to warn your employees about unsafe conditions inside their workplace causing them injuries. Further, you are responsible for paying their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

How Our Merrimack and Nashua Attorneys Can Help

If you are wondering, “Where can I find a slip and fall lawyer near me?” — Coates Law Office is the answer. A seasoned and experienced negligent accident/injury/death law firm.  Attorney Bradford Coates has expertise in premises liability law despite its complicated nature. Call us today and let us discuss how you can avoid liabilities with your premise.