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Are There Time Limits For Wrongful Death Lawsuits?
Legal Team|July 19, 2021|Firm News

The phone call is one you never want to get. On the other line is a law enforcement officer, a chaplain, or hospital personnel informing you of the sudden death of a loved one. Internally, your world stops, and nothing else matters. No one was expecting this. The death of the loved one could be…

What’S The Difference Between A Birth Defect And Birth Injury?
Legal Team|July 5, 2021|Firm News

Understanding the distinction between birth injuries and a birth defect (congenital disability) may assist you in determining if you have a legal case. These terms are commonly used interchangeably, but in law, the difference is apparent. In a nutshell, birth injuries are injuries that happen to a newborn child and are associated with the delivery…

Dog Bite Liability Rules In New Hampshire
Legal Team|June 21, 2021|Firm News

Getting a dog bite can be a horrifying experience. It’s especially so if you’re naturally afraid of dogs, and you should, therefore, speak to a personal injury lawyer Nashua. In New Hampshire, lawmakers take this kind of situation seriously. They believe that pet owners should make every effort to prevent their animals from injuring or…